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Richard Strautman

image001 (3)-1Richard Strautman is a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor, has a Certificate in Exit Planning (CEPA) from The Exit Planning Institute, and has worked with business owners on corporate strategy for the past 20 years. He is experienced as a M&A Professional and is a Certified M&A Advisor. During this period, he facilitated multiple peer-to-peer advisory boards through The Alternative Board and is currently a Board Chair with COMPEL CEO’s where business owners come from a wide variety of industries. Since 2012, Richard has been focusing on exit planning helping business owners prepare for the sale or ownership transition of their business.

He is a pioneer in Exit Planning having created The Exit Architect® Academy, a comprehensive platform of information that helps business owners prepare for the sale or ownership transition of their business. With over 130 courses, over 50 videos, and dozens of active fillable worksheets, podcasts, articles, and questionnaires, the Academy is designed to help business owners identify, document and execute their business exit strategy.

Richard has a BA in Business and an MBA. He spent 20 years working in C-level positions with leading technology, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and consumer products companies, where he was involved in multiple buy and sell transactions. His responsibilities as a C-Level executive included Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Information technology, Manufacturing and General Management.

He was a Partner and Managing Director with KPMG Consulting where he was responsible for multiple consulting practices around the world that delivered enterprise-wide technology solutions. Recently, he was the CFO of a Long Island aerospace component manufacturing company for 5 years, where he successfully secured multiple offers from prospective buyers.

Richard joined Stony Hill Advisors in 2022 to provide exit planning, business valuation and M&A advisory services to businesses in New York City, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. 

Richard can be contacted by phone at 516-313-0670 or by email at richard@stonyhilladvisors.com

When to buy or sell is a critical decision.

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