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Stony Hill Academy

The Stony Hill Academy is a comprehensive educational platform that is integrated into our Exit Value Planning Services that provides a broad range of educational content to help both buyers and sellers learn quickly about the many element of M&A transactions.

Our Stony Hill Advisors use this educational material as part of the process to get you and your business ready to sell your business or to purchase another business.

Our Academy includes over 130 courses, over 80 videos, active fillable worksheets, podcasts, articles and dozens of questionnaires and surveys to help business owners identify, document and execute your M&A strategy.

Topics in the Academy include:

  • Introduction to Exit Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Preparing to Sell Your Business
  • Value Building
  • Preparing to Buy a Business
  • Exit Readiness
  • Building a M&A Advisory Team
  • Estate and Wealth Management
  • Tax Mitigation
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When to sell is a critical decision

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When to sell is a critical decision