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Larry Silver

Larry Headshot

Larry Silver is a national Consultant to Construction – strategic planner, publicist, recruiter, and BD/Marketer, with expert service tailor-made to help firms reach their goals of growth, expansion, and long-term stability.

Larry has owned four national magazines for Construction in topics of marketing, business development (first of its kind in 1997), and human resources. He founded the first Business Development Trade group in 1999 specifically for contractors.  His recruiting firm of 10 full-time recruiters was in the Top 10 in Construction in the early 2000’s.

Larry graduated with a B.S. degree in business from New York University. He began his career in the concrete precast and masonry industries in 1988.  He served as a Director of Marketing at CON/STEEL Tilt-Up Systems in Dayton with a Top 200 Engineering-Architectural firm. In 1996, Larry became a National Consultant to the non-residential Construction Industry. In 2003, he won a National Press Award from the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA).  His strength is helping firms really change their culture to work ON their businesses and not just IN them. One GC in the DFW region has grown 25 times their size in the last 11 years under Larry's unique approach. 

Larry has recently joined Stony Hill Advisors, to provide our advisory services in the state of Ohio and to the construction vertical.

Larry can be reached via phone at 937-927-9125

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