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Welcome Succession Stories Podcast Listeners

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Is this the year to sell your company?

Don't leave your exit to chance. Stony Hill Advisors works with owners like you to get ready and maximize value when you're ready to sell.

The Succession Stories Podcast, hosted by Laurie Barkman, guides entrepreneurs from transition to transaction- from building value in your business to letting go. Tune-in for weekly insights to reward your hard work and avoid succession regrets. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Paul Visokey Interviewed on CEO Chat

900x518_opt_blog-paul-interview Paul Visokey built Stony Hill Advisors for mergers and acquisitions, but he quickly changed the company into a match-making business; where his team uses their abilities to help buyers and sellers find their perfect business match.

Watch Paul's CEO Chat interview now.

Connect to Success 


How can you connect to success? 

Watch Paul's interview with Ashley Owens from Connect to Success here.

How An Entrepreneur Exited Their Business After A Cancer Diagnosis

blog-business-exit-stories-1 An entrepreneur decided to sell his business, and then when he was at the closing table, backed out. He did this not once but twice.

Three partners with equal ownership in a business they ran for decades had different goals and objectives which caused an extended five-year process of getting the business sold.

Russian immigrants that built a successful business not once, but twice and how one of their businesses became a lot more successful than the other. They decided to sell the first business to focus on the more profitable one. Sometimes focus is the key to ultimate success.

An entrepreneur that started a business in college and grew it over decades until a diagnosis of cancer changed everything.

Listen now! 

What's Your Story with Fred Kaplan


Watch Fred's interview now.

Paul Visokey Interview