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Paul Visokey

Selling businesses is what Paul does best. He is able to bring his experience in B to B and B to C markets, with specific experience selling to Fortune 500 enterprises and major telecom carriers, to benefit his clients. He has managed direct sales organizations and distributor networks via channel sales reps. Paul also has balanced his many years of leading sales organizations with extensive experience as a marketing executive.

Prior to founding Stony Hill Advisors, Paul was in the commercial mortgage market, leading marketing, business development, and training and information technology departments. His relevant experience has been gained while working for ROLM, an IBM Company, Octel Communications, Nuance Communications, and InterBay Funding LLC.

Paul combines practical knowledge of selling solutions with a thorough technical understanding of the products and services he has sold. He takes advantage of his Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and MBA degrees to develop sales and marketing strategies, which present a seller's business in the best light thereby gaining maximum value. As the CEO of a Mergers and Acquisition Advisory business, Paul and his team can provide expert valuations, M&A advisory services, and exit planning advice to small businesses. During his career with startup organizations with unique solutions he has developed a knack for imparting a focused approach to the business strategy and coached his sales teams for quick results.

Paul has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, and Pace University. Paul is a Certified M&A Advisor, Certified Business Intermediary and a Certified Value Builder, giving him the knowledge and credentials to expertly represent his clients and coach them on how to maximize the value of their business. Paul is also a licensed life and health insurance agent.

Paul lives in Stamford CT with his wife. He has three grown sons and six grandchildren. Paul's favorite hobby is playing golf on the weekend and an occasional game of bridge.

As a member of the Association of M&A Advisors (AM&AA), The M&A Source and the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), Paul continues his education practices under their codes of ethics.

Paul can be contacted at 267-535-2551 or by email at paul@stonyhilladvisors.com
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