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Brian Jue

Brian has over 30 years of professional experience, including as CEO and COO of publicly traded and privately held companies.  As a partner, principal, primary investor, and consultant, he has exceptional capabilities sourcing, negotiating, structuring, and closing transactions.  He has directed private and public capital formation efforts, IPOs, APOs, spin-offs and M&A transactions for companies in multiple industries.
He embraces high pressure environments with high proficiency skill sets to close transactions.  Over the years he has built an immense, high level, global network through his efforts in the private equity, investment banking, venture capital, technology, cross border trade, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, manufacturing, marketing, digital media, real estate, professional sports, entertainment, and Esports industries. 
Brian is the COO of Small Business Development Group, Inc., the parent company of Stony Hill Advisors. He supports Stony Hill operations and transactions, including in the Carolinas and also being a Director of its California entity, Stony Hill Advisors California. 



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