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Tatiana Tsoir

  Tatiana Tsoir is an award-winning author and accountant, 3 times TEDx speaker and results-oriented business advisor and author. She is also trained as a US Tax Court Practitioner. Tatiana has joined Stony Hill Advisors to bring her combination of accounting experience and her business consulting experience to her M&A clients. A fervent believer in the keys to freedom and happiness in entrepreneurship,

Tatiana is committed to empowering and supporting entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses and want to find the best exit. Tatiana lives in New York State and is focused on helping business owners sell and buy businesses throughout the northeast, especially in industries such as manufacturers, telecom, fashion businesses and therapists,

Her accomplishments speak for themselves:

  • *Accountant for 18+ years: all the compliance part (the boring part) is done right and on time.

*Licensed CPA for 11+ years: integrity is her #1 value, and she holds herself, her team and her clients to the same exact standards*Holder of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree: Tatiana incorporates efficiency and effectiveness into your day-to-day operations.
*ICF-certified coach (ACC): Tatiana supports her clients in taking charge of their business and life and achieving their goals.
*USTCP - licensed United States Tax Court Practitioner: Tatiana supports her clients get audit-ready and audit-protected with paper & money trail evidence tools.
*Certified tax planner: US Tax Court-approved strategies to proactively help business owners reduce their tax, legally.
*Author: her book “Dream Bold, Start Smart” is recommended for someone who wants to start a business who cannot afford to fail.
*Educator: her bookkeeper training course and Fractional CFO training school support professionals who work with business owners daily!
*Mentor, Confidant and Sounding board: running a business is emotional and lonely, so Tatiana brings in elements of psychology to help a business owner build a good and happy life while building a business.
*Team trainer: Tatiana’s background in psychology supports her clients recruit, hire and retain staff while building teams that last.

And finally, Tatiana is an M&A expert: who can help business owners develop exit strategies, help them increase the value of the business, and then help them find the right buyer and get the best price. 


Tatiana can be contacted by email at tatiana@stonyhilladvisors.com or phone


When to buy or sell is a critical decision.

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