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Roy Salisbury

Roy brings over 40 years of professional experience with a focus on Mergers and Acquisitions. He has been on every side of the M&A transaction, including buyer, seller, broker, advisor, and consultant.  His experience includes being CEO of privately held and publicly traded companies. He has demonstrated proven success in complete deal-making, including public offerings, private placement, M&A transactions; turnarounds, restructuring, and bankruptcy; dealing with financial institutions, investors, stock exchanges, and the SEC.
A Marine veteran, he has participated as an investor and principal in numerous transactions in diverse industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, recycling and renewable energy, logistics and distribution, ecommerce, food and hospitality, investment banking, management consulting, technology and telecommunications, timber, and travel.  Roy has also functioned as a turnaround specialist for company shareholders and creditors in bankruptcies.
Roy is the CEO of Small Business Development Group, Inc., the parent company of Stony Hill Advisors. Roy supports the Stony Hill on a macro level, while also being in charge of Stony Hill operations in the Carolinas.

When to buy or sell is a critical decision.

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