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Kevin Freeman

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Selling your business? Here are the top industries for 2016...

Posted by Kevin Freeman on Wed, Mar 02, 2016 @12:00 PM

The numbers are in!  BizBuySell.com, the internet’s largest business-for-sale marketplace, has released their Fourth Quarter 2015 Insight Report, cataloging the top industries for small business sales at the end of 2015.

And there’s some great news: BizBuySell.com reports that 2015 saw 7,222 closed business sales, just shy of 2014’s record-setting 7,494--the busiest year for business sales since they started tracking marketplace data in 2007.

The Philadelphia metro area, including Camden, NJ and Wilmington, DE was among the 15 most active market for business sales, out of the 68 BuzBuySell.com reported on, holding on to it’s place among the best markets to for selling your business.

So if you were going to sell your business this year, which industries are the strongest?
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Buy vs. Build: Now may be the best time to sell your business

Posted by Kevin Freeman on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @01:30 PM

If you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to sell your business, you’re no doubt wrestling with a  big decision. Do you liquidate the business or attempt to sell it? In past years, while the economic landscape was weaker than it is today, it was difficult to sell anything--even a successful business. But all of that is changing.

The New York Times reports that there is a growing trend of entrepreneurs that prefer to buy a small business rather than starting one themselves.

Why would somebody want to buy your business?

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Exit Planning

Posted by Kevin Freeman on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @12:33 PM

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Every business owner, regardless of size, should have an exit strategy for his or her company. Failing to have a sound, up to date exit plan could cost an owner hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in sale price.

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Exit – Should you sell your business? How? And then what?

Posted by Kevin Freeman on Mon, May 04, 2015 @03:04 PM

Should you sell your business? Patrick M. Foley is the Vice President of Robert W. Baird & Co. and has provided us with an excellent article to help you to start planning the sale of your business. Please see the article and link below to learn more.

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7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Business

Posted by Kevin Freeman on Mon, Feb 02, 2015 @12:41 PM

You’re seriously considering buying a business.
It’s an exciting and sometimes stressful time. You’re ready to tackle your next challenge head-on and this new business may just be the biggest yet. But, before you get the process going, you need to ask yourself some pretty tough questions to make sure you’re really ready.

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