How can I access the Stony Hill business listings?

To respect our seller's privacy, all Stony Hill business listings are confidential. As such, you will be required to execute (fill out, date, sign and return) a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement prior to receiving any information about a business listing. In turn, we will send you the Offering Memorandum which will explain the business of interest in great detail.

Stony Hill Buyer Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Does Stony Hill help me with obtaining financing for the purchase of my business?

We sure do! We can refer you to several respected sources for financing the purchase of your new business. We have formed several relationships with banks and SBA lenders, commercial financing sources, asset-based lenders and non-traditional sources that may offer several creative solutions to difficult financing situations. We will work with you and your lender to make sure the transaction moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Will Stony Hill coach me through the purchasing process of one of their active listings?

Absolutely! Our brokers will always work with the buyer, the seller, the financing source as well all involved attorneys and accountants (advisors) to create a continuous flow of information from party to party. Once an offer on a business is made and accepted, most of our contact is with the buyer and his advisors while continuing to work with the seller and other parties as necessary.

If Stony Hill Advisors doesn't have a business listing I'm interested in, will they represent me, as a buyer, in the search for a business?

Yes, we will. Stony Hill will offer you a customized buyer representation program. We will proactively solicit companies that meet your search criteria. Additionally, we will target those companies that meet the criteria but may not currently be advertised for sale. We will then assist you with your financial analysis and help you determine a fair market value of the business. Your Stony Hill team will coordinate the transaction process from negotiating the purchase agreement, through due diligence and onto the close of a successful transaction. Please call or email us for a fee schedule based on your search criteria.

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How do I start the process of selling my small business?

By calling or e-mailing Stony Hill we can establish a personal no obligation appointment. During this initial meeting, we will answer your questions including a valuation of how much your business is worth. We will also begin the process of learning all we can about your business, such as its history, operations, significant trends, competition and major selling points.

Will anyone know that my business is for sale?

Everything we do in the process of selling your business is designed to protect the confidentiality of your information and your business. Prospective purchasers are required to sign and return a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement prior to disclosing approved, detailed information about the business.

How do you know how much my business is worth?

Using your tax returns or your profit/loss statements, we will perform a cash flow analysis and a market analysis of comparable businesses currently for sale and previously sold to arrive at a suggested sale price for your business. We will do this confidentially and at no obligation so that you can make an informed decision about the sale of your business.

What information do I need to get started?

We would like to see the past three years operating activity (tax returns or profit/loss statements, balance sheet) plus the current year's performance to date. Also, any inventory and equipment lists would be helpful but not necessary for our first meeting.

How do you market my business?

General information about your business is communicated to our proprietary list of purchasers when you engage Stony Hill to represent your interests. Additionally, your business is featured in a number of business listing sites, and the various trade organizations that we belong to. Only after a potential buyer executes a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will we present the approved Offering Memorandum containing pertinent specific information about your business.

How are the negotiations handled?

We will handle every step of the selling process, from preparing the business to go to market to negotiating the deal and closing the sale. We will work closely with your other trusted advisors, accountant, attorney or financial advisor to structure a deal that best meets your financial objectives.

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