Why Stony Hill?

The team at Stony Hill Advisors delivers an unparalleled business transaction experience whether you are buying or selling a small business. We focus on representing companies with revenues between $1M and $50M in New Jersey, Pennsylvania Delaware, and New York. We employ an in-depth consultative approach to understand your business exit strategy, financial goals and retirement objectives. Think of us as the quarterback that works with the counter parties; your CPA and attorney to make sure that your transaction is coordinated and achieves your desired outcome.

The Stony Hill Advisor truly does help his clients have a remarkable experience. These include:

Business Scope 360°™ Consultative Session

Before we partner with our clients, Stony Hill Advisors completes a panoramic, comprehensive and consultative review of our clients' business goals and personal needs; we ask the tough questions so we can provide the best recommendations for a better and more profitable experience. We are committed to the success of each one of our clients and offer a personalized approach few can match.

Business Parallels™ Matching System

Of course you want to buy or sell a small business, but you also want to make sure the fit is right. At Stony Hill Advisors, we find the right match for our clients who are buying or selling a small business to ensure a smoother, easier and more compatible transaction. By profiling our clients' businesses through our Business Parallels program, we create a database of both buyers and sellers who can be identified as the right partner.

RealValue™ Pricing System

Sure, it's about the price, but it's also about value! At Stony Hill Advisors, we know how to set a realistic price that is built around an in-depth valuation process. By identifying key variables that can affect a businesses' selling price and overall value, we'll make sure the price is fair, competitive and attractive to potential buyers.

Foundations™ Exit Value Planning

You may not be quite ready to sell your business, we understand that. Stony Hill Advisors has developed a unique approach to help. Using our Value Builder System we will identify the eight key drivers of business value and establish milestones outlining the recommended "critical path" to help you reach the goal of getting you the right selling price at the point you want to exit.

Pro-Step™ Business Transition Planning Services

Stony Hill Advisors understand the sensitive nature of a business sale, and that sometimes information about the transaction needs to be kept confidential or communicated in phases to employees, outside contacts and others. Our exclusive Pro-Step Business Transition Planning Services provide a detailed plan-of-action to gradually unroll your business exit strategy plans at the right time and to the right people.

Due Diligence Documentation

Buyer beware! No truer words were ever spoken. Stony Hill Advisors realize buying a business is one of the toughest decisions you'll ever make. You need to feel completely confident in the history of the business, the books, creditors, debtors and more. Our Due Diligence Documentation program works to uncover what's behind the sale to make sure you know all the facts - good and not-so-good.

Uni-Lend™ Centralized Database

Stony Hill Advisors has built strong relationships with reputable lenders all over the region and we pass along the benefits of this to our clients. We'll search our database to find a set of lender recommendations that best meet your criteria and needs.

The Entrepreneurs Advantage™

At Stony Hill Advisors, our business is managed and run by entrepreneurs. Who better to understand the intricacies and nuances so critical to any business sale or purchase? Our experience, understanding, knowledge and real-world views help make your experience with Stony Hill Advisors remarkable in every way.

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