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Selling a Business

7 Questions to Ask Before You Sell a Business

The Selling Process

Stony Hill Comprehensive Small Business Sale Process

Stony Hill's process of selling will revolutionize the way you sell your business. As a business owner, you know the uniqueness of your company is important. Our selling process will provide specific needs and composition that makes your business stand out.

Learn how our 5-step process takes your exit strategy goals from dream to reality.

  1. Valuation & Pricing
    • Time for a test, do you know your business from a buyer's perspective?
    • "What Is Your Business Worth” 
    • We complete a panoramic, comprehensive, and consultative review of your business goals and personal needs. We provide valuation guidance and identify ways to increase the value.
  2. Market Review
    • What is the market for your company? Who will be interesting in buying it?
    • Once finding the right market and target audience, as a team, we will build a marketing plan to earn you the best value for your company.
  3. Packaging Your Business for Sale
    • Value is in the eye of the beholder.
    • We start by building a narrative that highlights your business's most attractive values and address areas that might be potential risks. We help you prepare for the Due Diligence process with our Business Transition Planning Services.
  4. Marketing Your Business for Sale
    • Our Business Parallels Matching System is custom designed to match buyers with your business based on a narrow range of qualifications and specifications. This creates a fundamentally sound match between a buyer's experience, qualifications and resources, and the business we are marketing.
    • Utilizing our extensive buyer database and our industry research, we contact many prospective buyers with a brief confidential summary of your business. This includes various business acquisition websites and thorough research for potential strategic acquirers.
  5. Transaction Construction and Closing
    • With decades of experience among our partners, Stony Hill's team will work to structure the best possible transaction and guide it to closing.
    • We begin by properly sequencing all process steps to build commitment and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. We then vigilantly scan the horizon to anticipate any problems and quickly respond with creative solutions that keep the transaction on track. We keep all parties on schedule, ensure all communication stays open, and ultimately facilitate the closing where the exchange takes place.
    • Lastly, we anticipate and understand what the buyer is asking for and how to respond. The buyer may ask for something that seems harmless, but the request may seem outrageous and unreasonable to the seller, but we can help the seller recognize why the request is important to the buyers and why it poses very minimal consequence, if any.
When to sell is a critical decision

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When to sell is a critical decision