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Buying a Business

7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Business

Buying FAQ

Do you desire to own your own business?

The US economy is driven by entrepreneurs - small and mid-market businesses, more than 20 million of them, many of them privately-owned. It is often difficult for owners to convert all their hard work and ingenuity into an equity event. It is a complex and time-consuming process. Stony Hill Business Advisors has the experience and expertise to assist with buying or selling a private business successfully.

Am I ready to be an entrepreneur?

This is the question most buyers ask themselves first and foremost. The answer to that question can be found by answering a few questions first:

Am I tired of working for someone else? Shouldn't I work for myself rather than make someone else rich? Do I want the freedom to make my own decisions and control my own destiny?

Are you looking for guidance?

We have particular experience with the small business market in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We can provide advice on preparing a business for sale, even years in advance. We can help buyers find the right business for their circumstances. And we advise both sellers and buyers throughout the process to assure a quick, smooth transfer of ownership.

If I own my own business, do I want to expand?

While it is important to grow your business organically, it can be very advantageous to grow by acquisition. An acquisition that is strategic can have a huge synergistic effect on your current business. While somewhat intuitive, it is not easy without guidance and the resources to find the right opportunity. Stony Hill Advisors can be a great resource for your acquisition search.

How can I access the Stony Hill business listings?

To respect our seller client's privacy, all Stony Hill business listings are confidential. As such, you will be required to execute (fill out, date, sign and return) a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement prior to receiving any information about a business listing. In turn, we will send you the Offering Memorandum, which will explain the business of interest in great detail.

Does Stony Hill help me with obtaining financing for the purchase of my business?

We sure do! We can refer you to several respected sources for financing the purchase of your new business. We have formed several relationships with banks and SBA lenders, commercial financing sources, asset-based lenders and non-traditional sources that may offer several creative solutions to difficult financing situations. We will work with you and your lender to make sure the transaction moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do I have the necessary funds for the down payment?

In order to purchase any business, you will need a down payment. A down payment can rangefrom $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more depending on the price of the business. A good rule of thumb is to figure on having at least 25% of the purchase price for a down payment. If only seller financing is available, 50% may be more realistic. Either way, it will be necessary to have funds ready and available when you make an offer to purchase a business.

Also, a financial statement is a great tool to use when beginning the buying process. It will be the one form that can be sent to your business advisor, your banker, and to the seller when making an offer to purchase. Sellers like to consider things like net worth and liquidity when deciding which offer to accept.

Will Stony Hill coach me through the purchasing process of one of their active listings?

Absolutely! Our advisors will always work with the buyer, the seller, the financing source as well all involved attorneys and accountants (advisors) to create a continuous flow of information from party to party. Once an offer on a business is made and accepted, most of our contact is with the buyer and his advisors while continuing to work with the seller and other parties as necessary.

If Stony Hill Business Advisors doesn't have a business listing, I'm interested in, will they represent me, as a buyer, in the search for a business?

Yes, we will. Stony Hill Advisors will offer you a customized buyer representation program. We will proactively solicit companies that meet your search criteria. Additionally, we will target those companies that meet the criteria but may not currently be advertised for sale. We will then assist you with your financial analysis and help you determine a fair market value of the business. Your Stony Hill team will coordinate the transaction process from negotiating the purchase agreement, through due diligence and onto the close of a successful transaction. Please call or email us for a fee schedule based on your search criteria.

Interested in buying a business?

Call us for a confidential discussion.

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Interested in buying a business?