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Business Valuations- Real Value Pricing System

Posted by Kelli Corson

Wed, Sep 08, 2010 @03:00 PM

Selling your business- things to know.

Making a good selling decision requires good information. Knowing how much your business is worth is far too important to rely on informal advice, even from well-meaning sources like accountants or lawyers, rules of thumb, or dissimilar comparisons.

If you undervalue your business, you leave hard-earned money on the table. If you overprice it, you needlessly delay or even prevent the sale of your business.

Stony Hill uses our RealValue™ Pricing System to provide accurate values for the sale process, buy-sell agreements, partnerships arrangements or financial exit planning. Our determination of actual market value may be greater than your expectations... or it may be less. Either way, you can be confident that the values we report to you will accurately reflect your company's market value in a variety of sale scenarios.

Topics: Selling your business, business valuations