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Sell Without Professional Help | Stony Hill Advisors

Sell Without Professional Help | Stony Hill Advisors
Can You Sell a Business Without Professional Help?
Can You Sell a Business Without Professional Help?

When you are ready to sell a business what type of assistance will you need to do so successfully? If the thought of selling a business on your own seems like a good idea, you may want to rethink that approach. In theory, taking it upon yourself to wheel-and-deal a business sale can seem like an invaluable learning opportunity. However, in reality, a DIY effort is better left to home improvement projects — not the prospect of selling a company. 

Here is what you risk losing when you choose to sell a business without professional help.


Figuring out how to sell a business can be a time-consuming endeavor. During the daily operations of successfully running and maintaining a business, is there enough free time for you to act as your own selling agent? Probably not. Professional help can drum up buyer prospects while you keep the company up and running.



Time is not the only thing you need to keep a business afloat when considering selling it. You need focus, too. Business services and costs still need your full attention, especially during a business sale. A large part of successfully selling a business involves scrutinizing the numeric bottom lines. A professional business broker company can help with those final details while you manage the finer details of your daily costs.



Information leaks of a potential business sale can send current and prospective clients and vendors scrambling for a protective exit zone. Hiring professionals to help sell your business helps to keep a lid on pending transactions and keep your clientele intact. Without customers and suppliers, your business could lose the fortitude it needs to appear an attractive package for potential buyers.

Need more pointers on how to get started with selling your business? Download our free guide now!

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