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Posted by Paul Visokey

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 @01:49 PM

I first met Kevin Freeman in 2008.  I owned 2 small businesses and I was interested in purchasing a third.  I was looking for an existing business that already had a strong support team in place and also had room to grow.  Kevin found a business for sale that met all of my requirements, Westway Electric Supply.   We went ahead with the purchase and Kevin was instrumental throughout the process and even helped me locate a bank willing to finance the deal.  The process went very smoothly.

After a few years I was able to grow the business through a new website, www.WestwayElectricSupply.com, and I no longer had time to manage my other two business.  I went back to Kevin and asked him if he could sell them quickly.  Kevin went to work and soon had a number of potential buyers for each business.  He helped me sort through the offers and determine who were legitimate buyers.  He continued to advise me throughout the selling process and we got both businesses sold within our target price range and before our target date.  I will definitely continue to use Kevin's services in my future dealings.

Anthony Buonocore

President, Westway Electric Supply