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Selling Your Business- 5 Step Action Plan

Posted by Kelli Corson

Wed, Sep 08, 2010 @02:48 PM

You may not be quite ready to sell your business; we understand that. Stony Hill Business Brokers has a unique approach to help. With our Foundations Business Sale Planning Program we'll set up milestones outlining the recommended "critical path" to help you reach the goal of getting you the right selling price at the right time.

Stony Hill Business Brokers offers a 5-step action plan including:

  • 1. Valuation & Pricing:

Using our Business Scope 360°™ & our RealValue™ Pricing System consultative sessions, we partner with our clients. The Stony Hill Business Brokers complete a panoramic, comprehensive and consultative review of our clients' business goals and personal needs; we ask the tough questions so we can provide the best recommendations for a better and more profitable experience . We are committed to the success of each and every one of our clients and offer a personalized approach few can match.

  • 2. Market Review

What is the market for your company? We will review the types of buyers and the marketplace for your company. is it an individual buyer or high net worth investors, strategic buyer or professional buyer? Maybe it's possible that more than one type could be our target. Once we determine who is best suited to acquire your business we can continue to build a marketing plan to maximize the value of your company.

  • 3. Packaging Your Business for Sale

Value is in the eye of the beholder. As a result, we begin by examining those aspects of your company that a prospective buyer will find most attractive. We then create a narrative that highlights your company's unique value proposition, while at the same time addressing areas that may be viewed as potential risks. We position your business by packaging it properly utilizing our unique Pro-Step™ Business Transition Planning Services.

Stony Hill Business Brokers understand the sensitive nature of a business sale and that sometimes information about the transaction needs to be kept confidential, or communicated in phases to employees, outside resources and others. Our exclusive Pro-Step™ Business Transition Planning Services provides a detailed plan-of-action to gradually unroll your business plans at the right time and to the right people.

Preserving the highest level of confidentiality is built into our methodologies. By focusing on the most highly qualified buyers and investors, we maintain a higher level of confidentiality than others in our profession who rely more heavily on mass communication of their client companies. All buyers must first execute a confidentiality agreement before receiving any materials related to the sale of a company

4. Marketing Your Business for Sale:

Business Parallels™ Matching Systems -

Our Business Parallels Matching System is custom designed to match buyers in our database with your business based on a narrow range of qualifications and specifications. This creates a fundamentally sound match between a buyers experience, qualifications and resources and the business we are marketing.

Utilize our extensive buyer database -

At Stony Hill Business Brokers we have formed an extensive database of qualified and motivated buyers. We frequently send out email updates to our entire buyer database notifying everyone of our new listings. This creates a buzz about your business minutes from the time the email is released.

Confidentially market your company on various business acquisition websites.

At Stony Hill Business Brokers we will select the most effective commercial websites to post your business listing on. In conjunction with our own website, these commercial sites create hundreds of opportunities to speak with motivated buyers about your business.


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