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Should you sell your business? How? And then what?

Posted by Paul Visokey

Fri, Nov 01, 2013 @03:43 PM


Should you sell your business? is a big question. It can be up there with Is she the one? or Should we have one more baby? Maybe it’s not that big, but it can certainly change the direction of your life.

The subject is too complex to be covered briefly, but this article will provide an overview of the issues a business owner needs to address when considering a sale. In particular, we will focus on how to assemble a strong team to guarantee a totally smooth process. (I’m kidding – there is no such thing as a totally smooth business sale. However, there are ways to improve the odds of a positive outcome.)

We will address the following topics, with particular emphasis on question No. 4, since working with the right people can go a long way toward successfully handling the rest:

1. Why Sell?

2. For How Much?

3. Who Is the Buyer?

4. Who Will Help You?

5. What Should You Do With the Proceeds?

6. What Do You Want to Do With the Rest of Your Life?

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