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U-Save Auto Lansdale Acquired by John Taddei, Brokered by Stony Hill Business Brokers

Posted by Kevin Freeman on Tue, Sep 15, 2015


Trevose, Pennsylvania - Stony Hill Business Brokers is pleased to announce the acquisition of car and truck rental franchise U-Save Auto’s Lansdale location, by local entrepreneur, John Taddei.

“Eric Gidney of Stony Hill Business Brokers did an outstanding job of marketing our U-Save franchise.” said Richard O’Neill, former franchisee of U-Save Auto Lansdale. While the specific details of the sale were not disclosed, O’Neill continued, “Stony Hill’s efforts resulted in a number of pre-qualified buyers, putting us in a strong position for negotiating. I could not be more pleased with the process and our result.”

Purchaser John Taddei agreed. “It was clear that Stony Hill had done their homework when presenting U-Save Auto as an investment opportunity, making it easy to evaluate if it was the right fit. Thanks to the team there for their work in bringing high-quality investments to the market.”

Stony Hill Business Brokers was contracted by O’Neill to market and broker the sale of U-Save Auto Lansdale, acting as advisor and point of contact for negotiating the terms of sale.

About Stony Hill Business Brokers: Stony Hill Business Brokers is a Philadelphia and Central New Jersey’s business brokerage for industrial, manufacturing, retail, and B2B service businesses.  Stony Hill’s full-service management of the buyout process and its track record of attracting highly-qualified buyers make it a top choice for business owners, serious about selling their business, as well as those looking for high quality investments.

To learn more, visit us online at http://www.stonyhillbusinessbrokers.com or call Managing Partner, Kevin Freeman at 215-543-3508.

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