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Stony Hill Business Brokers is Pleased To Announce It's Latest Acquisition

Posted by Sophia Freeman on Thu, Jun 04, 2015


Stony Hill Business Brokers is pleased to announce the acquisition of Carpet Depot by Monzo Holdings LLC.  Carpet Depot is a flooring superstore in Montgomery County, PA.  Terms of the deal were kept confidential.

Jane Detwiler, owner of Carpet Depot, said “I was extremely happy with Stony Hill Business Brokers and my broker, Eric Gidney.  The entire process, from deciding to list, listing, talking with prospective buyers, going over letters of intent, deciding on a buyer and getting to the closing table was taken care of to my complete satisfaction.  I would definitely recommend Eric Gidney from Stony Hill Business Brokers to anyone who has a business to sell.”

James Monzo of Monzo Holdings said “Stony Hill Business Brokers made my first business acquisition much easier than it could have been and at times I often asked myself "am I forgetting something".   The entire process was well defined from the beginning with never any pressure or influence being applied.  Eric Gidney represented the seller in this transaction but was always there to answer any questions that I would have no matter what time of day I was asking them.  His knowledge, work ethic and calm demeanor really made what would seem to be a stressful process almost easy.”


Stony Hill Business Brokers has offices in Pa, NJ and Delaware. The team at Stony Hill Business Brokers delivers an unparalleled business transaction experience focused on the lower-middle market. With vast experience and a proven track record, Stony Hill is the wise choice for a sound exit strategy or acquisition work. For more info on Stony Hill please call Partner Eric Gidney at 215-543-3508, email at eric@stonyhillbusinessbrokers.com or visit us at www.stonyhillbusinessbrokers.com.

ABOUT Carpet Depot

Located in Pottstown, PA., Carpet Depot is an award winning flooring superstore. They have been in business for over 20 years and specialize in top notch service with great pricing and selection.

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