Trusted Advisors

Selling a business requires TEAMWORK. As in the NFL, the owner hires the talent, and on game day leaves control of the team with his manager and quarterback, a.k.a. business broker. accountants, attorneys, financial planners and other professionals who are valuable members of any seller's team. Each has a special skill, valuable at a specific time. Getting a transaction closed is the broker's skill. He is the quarterback, on the field all the time requesting help from special teams when needed.

A business intermediary should not be your tax or legal advisor. M&A Advisors are professional business intermediaries. We work closely with your advisors to maximize the value of the transaction. Your Stony Hill Advisor would welcome the opportunity to become your trusted advisor in this most important transaction. If you are a small business owner in New Jersey, Delaware or Eastern Pennsylvania looking for an exit strategy or just a business valuation, Stony Hill would be pleased to talk with you about your needs and the brokerage services we can provide.