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Thom Smith

Thom Smith As a business strategist, author, and speaker, Thom Smith brings a wealth of experience to our team at Stony Hill Advisors. With a focus on accelerating profits, compounding growth, and outpacing competitors, Thom works with business owners to build profitable and sustainable companies today while positioning them for a profitable exit tomorrow.

Through his coaching, consulting, and planning services, Thom helps his clients develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve their goals and maximize their business value. Thom's extensive background includes Head of Business Development with Direct Energy, Chief Revenue Officer of Neighborhood Sun, and President and Co-Founder of Astral Power, which he led through a successful sale in 2021.

At Stony Hill Advisors, Thom provides exit planning, business growth advisory, and M&A advisory services to businesses in Connecticut and New England. His mission is to help business owners build profitable and sustainable companies today, so they exit big tomorrow.

Thom can be contacted by phone at 860-263-9222 or by email at thom@stonyhilladvisors.com

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