Want to sell your business to the right buyer for the best price?

Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide expertise and guidance throughout the difficult process of finding the right buyer or investor and presenting your business in the most effective way to generate the best offer. Our clients are profitable businesses producing between $1 million and $50 million in revenues – the micro or lower middle market of privately owned businesses.

We have been involved in selling many businesses, from manufacturing to logistics companies, to technology, wholesale and retail companies. With over 140 years of entrepreneurial experience, our team is well versed in selling successful companies in PA, NJ, DE and NY. We can help these owners with exit value planning and business valuation services. Our banking connections will allow us to help with financing and to maximize the sale price of your business.

Our clients are typically unique businesses and each one requires special knowledge and expertise to complete a successful transaction. Stony Hill Advisors are experts in selling all types of businesses because we focus on the value to a buyer, so we've seen it all. We know exactly how to structure each transaction to make sure it crosses the finish line. Stony Hill is well versed in consulting with our client’s trusted advisors to provide the most complete due diligence. We focus on clients with businesses in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Stony Hill Advisors

We are a merger and acquisition advisory firm that specializes in providing intermediary services for lower middle market companies and small business entrepreneurs. We have assisted clients across a wide variety of industries throughout New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York City. We offer various professional services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, exit value planning, business valuations, and transaction consulting. We believe the owners and acquirers of small and mid-sized businesses require the expertise and dedication of the Stony Hill team of advisors. Our role is that of a trusted advisor partnering with our clients and their other trusted advisors to provide confidential qualitative and quantitative guidance and deliver results.

Our team of advisors have many years of successful prior corporate roles as owners, managers, and senior executives in small, medium and large corporations. Combining these experiences with our years in advising merger and acquisitions, our years of training and experience in various professional fields, and with the uniqueness of the Stony Hill approach, is what allows us to stand out as a premier M&A advisory firm.

Everyone exits their business eventually...

We can help with our Exit Value Coaching