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Dana R. Michael

Dana Headshot

Dana Michael worked 12 years doing Buy Side M&A due diligence work for two of the "Big Four" accounting firms and can bring insights to the acquisition process. He has extensive experience working with accountants and lawyers. 

Dana has a strong background in M&A transaction support with 250 transactions reviewed over ten years while at Big 4 accounting firms. He brings value by identifying problems with target acquisitions across a wide range of industries and international locations so that money-losing deals are avoided. He has extensive experience working with private equity firms and meeting their needs.

Dana can be a strong advisor because his background is in accounting and auditing, having left EY as a Principal. He has worked with many other CPAs over many years. He is a licensed CPA. Dana is currently CFO and advisory board member of a technology company. 

Dana's position as an Enterprise Risk Manager at a large reinsurance company focused on operational risk but also involved other risks such as credit, regulatory, insurance, investment, cyber and business continuity. He lead implementation of operational risk focused Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in North America.

He received his Bachelor's degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and remains active with alumni organizations at the school.

Dana can be contacted at 914 319 5698 or by e-mail at Dana@stonyhilladvisors.com

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